Welcome to Cipro Med

We produce high-quality authentic Cypriot and American-style bakery products.

Always fresh
We take pride to deliver fresh products, made with the best ingredients.
Indulging desserts
Our Debbie's cookies and cakes will give a sweeter taste to your events.
Tahini pie
You may have tasted Tahini pie before, however nothing compares to this...

American Bakery

Our specialized confectionery, Debbie’s Cookies, offers the most delicious American bakery variations.

Cypriot Pasties

Cipro Med's specialized bakeries offer high-quality Cypriot pasties in retail and wholesale quantities.

Fresh coffee

Cipro Gourmet Coffee is locally blended, fresh ground coffee will travel you with its taste, aroma and intensity.

Broadening Horizons

Our company is broadening its horizons by expanding its presence in Europe We are open to new partnerships.